Sunday Squirrel Round-Up: Sep 1st, 2013

9/01/13 11:05AM

Shannon Tompkins
Hey there, it's time for another Sunday Squirrel Round-up where I look through the week's submissions to our Flickr group and choose photos I think capture squirrels at their best. You don't win any prizes except maybe some internet praise/fame but we all get to enjoy your photos. Thank you all for the submissions!

This week's top pick was submitted by:
Shannon Tompkins

Congratulations and please don't forget to check out more great submissions!
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Squirrel by Kenny Teo (zoompict)I don't think they can see me by frodoboyEvil Squirrel by cathy.scolaI Can Fly Too!! by RKopSquirrel by Terry GreenSQUIRREL, ROCK (Spermophilus variegatus) (8-30-13) pena blanca lake, scc, az -01 by ALAN SCHMIERERSquirrel by Terry Green019 by jackfruitx3Taking a Breather by Bill'sLIPhotosTame Squirrel by Johne_ukA bit Chewy by Peter G TrimmingSquirrel by briangeerlingsTimidity by darthanandStop the pigeon by Giovanni Parodi"Drat, there's never a lollipop person around when you need one!" by charliejbPrimo piano scoiattolo by Giovanni Parodi79/365/1905 (August 29, 2013) - Squirrel at the University of Michigan (August 29, 2013) by cseeman'Wounded Soldier' by Peter G Trimming