Sunday Squirrel Round-Up: Sep 22nd, 2013
Sunday Squirrel Round-Up: Sep 22nd, 2013
9/22/13 3:30AM

Hey there, it's time for another Sunday Squirrel Round-up where I look through the week's submissions to our Flickr group and choose photos I think capture squirrels at their best. You don't win any prizes except maybe some internet praise/fame but we all get to enjoy your photos. Thank you all for the submissions!

This week's top pick was submitted by:

Congratulations and please don't forget to check out more great submissions!

She caught me! by angela8626Red Squirrel by Wanderer105 (Christine Cassidy )American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) by MorningsymphonyRed Squirrel by Wanderer105 (Christine Cassidy )Walnut Take-away by Peter G TrimmingSquirrel at the University of Michigan (September 19, 2013) by the Kresge Library by cseemanEichhoernchen (Sciurus vulgaris) - Squirrel by Mladen Janjetovic by C Fredriksson_MG_0131 by Gianni CicaleseWhat have you got for me? by Margo, just Margo ...Eichhoernchen (Sciurus vulgaris) - Squirrel by Mladen JanjetovicRed Squirrel (22) by Ed McAskillSquirrel on a Tree by Baker_1000Red Squirrel (24) by Ed McAskillGrey Squirrel by Baker_1000SQUIRREL by Eddie EvansRED SQUIRREL by dave.middlemanSciurus ingrami by Techuser'Mrs.Stripey-tail' by Peter G TrimmingNuts! by angela8626Squirrel by jt893x'Wounded Soldier' by Peter G Trimming by you are a wonderful personStanding tall by angela8626Time For A Snack! by Deb Simpkins