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Sunday Squirrel Round-Up: Oct 13th, 2013

➥ 10/13/13 12:40AM
Sunday Squirrel Round-Up: Oct 13th, 2013

What You're Looking At

Hey there, it's time for another Sunday Squirrel Round-up where I look through the week's submissions to our Flickr group and choose photos I think capture squirrels at their best. You don't win any prizes except maybe some internet praise/fame but we all get to enjoy your photos. Thank you all for the submissions!

This week's top pick was submitted by:
M.D. Photos

Congratulations and please don't forget to check out more great submissions!

 by ColorfulJoyeekhoorn red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris18_ by RVDaalenfotografie by ColorfulJoyeekhoorn red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris29_ by RVDaalenfotografieLeucistic ground squirrel by chickadeedeedee1Pihanaapuri by Cano VääriSquirrel in yellow leaves. by Margo, just Margo ...California ground squirrel IMG_9224 by grebberg by tom.h.e.masonCalifornia ground squirrel IMG_9228 by grebbergPetal Squirrel by SteveRotherPhotographySquirrel by BenG94A Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) by SteveRotherPhotographySquirrel by BenG945932 by hoyaterpSecret Squirrel by philnmorganSquirrel at the University of Michigan near Kresge Library (October 11, 2013) by cseemanMrs. Nutley says .. by M.D. PhotosRed Squirrel -  Montreathment Forest by Katie-louise1962Squirrel by carsonraltonPause Before Feeding by Peter G Trimming118/365/1944 (October 7, 2013) - Squirrel at the University of Michigan (October 7, 2013) by cseeman by darlenetwitchell